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Yidu Hui joined the Three Gorges evening news, twelve help activities


20, there are 7 children in remote mountain areas of Yidu home to the "visitor": Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Yidu branch and other units of the leaders and reporters together, sent to college.

Newspaper "Twelve help" activities carried out in the community caused a strong reaction. Loving people and caring companies have reached out to help. Yesterday, the reporter some love business and join the "Twelve help" leader, has gone to five Chuen, Pine Township of Yidu City Ping Village, for prospective college students are anxious for tuition sent to school aid.

These students are mostly from far away from the town of mountain area, restricted by natural factors, geographical conditions, family income is less, most are single family home, parents suffering from disease or natural disasters caused by other special circumstances. When the love of the staff will be sent to the hands of students love, the scene is moving.

Currently, there are 16 local universities have received the admission notice is unable to go to school to get the child, the total amount has exceeded $100 thousand.

Attached: join the newspaper twelve help enterprise list:

Hubei branch of the Department of the project should be 20000 yuan

Yidu industrial and Commercial Bank of China 20000 yuan

Yidu Youth Chamber of Commerce 10000 yuan

Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Yidu Institute of training base 16000 yuan

Hui Ceramics Co., Ltd. 12000 yuan

Spirit palace 24000 yuan

For 20 days, the Yidu branch of ICBC leadership will love money to poor students.

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