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Yidu high-tech enterprises reached 14


According to the new high-tech enterprise identification method, Yidu currently has 14 high-tech enterprises, they will rely on scientific and technological support to Yidu, enhance the capability of independent innovation, accelerate the construction of innovative Yidu, for the city's sound and rapid economic and social development play a positive role in promoting.

In 2009, Yidu high-tech industry output value reached 6 billion 755 million 640 thousand yuan, the added value of 1 billion 859 million 530 thousand yuan, respectively, over the same period last year growth of 53.4% and 32.8%; sales revenue 6 billion 385 million yuan, up 42.5% over the previous year, the product export delivery value of 832 million 470 thousand yuan, year-on-year increase of 33.3%; total profit and tax of 389 million 460 thousand yuan, value-added tax payable up to 109 million 410 thousand yuan. This is the "11th Five-Year" since the rapid growth of Yidu's high-tech industry output value of the year, the city's high-tech industry output value and added value in recent years to maintain an annual growth rate of more than 30%.

So the rapid growth of high-tech industry, in recent years, thanks to the strategy of revitalizing the city through science and education, has always been to "gongyeqiangshi" as the center, to speed up the development of high-tech industries, promote the upgrading of products to technology innovation, full of new vitality, cultivate a group of independent intellectual property rights and product development capabilities of the high-tech enterprises. High tech industry has been booming. At present, Yidu high-tech enterprises reached 14: they are Hubei Chuxing chemical Limited by Share Ltd, CSIC Zhongnan Equipment Co. Ltd., Hubei Dajiang Chemical Group Co. Ltd., Hubei Yidu Machinery Co. Ltd. and Yidu city Xin Honghua Solar Energy Ltd, Hubei Minsheng Industry & Trade Co. Ltd., Yichang Luyuan Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Hubei new-jingdu electronic Polytron Technologies Inc the Yangtze River, Yichang ceramics limited liability company, Yidu Hui Yi Ceramics Co. Ltd, Yidu Huayang Chemical Co. Ltd., Yidu East Sunshine foil Co. Ltd., Yidu East Sun Biochemistry pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Yichang Changjiang Pharmaceutical Co. ltd.. The development of high-tech enterprises in Yidu counties walk in the forefront of Yichang City, Yichang City high-tech enterprises accounted for the total number of 2009 Yidu high tech entrepreneur number 11.3%, the total output value of high-tech industrial added value accounted for the total output value of high-tech industry, Yichang city to increase the value of 21%, 18.7% increase in 2009, Yidu high-tech industry accounted for the city the total industrial added value accounted for 26.72%. 2010 output value of 2 billion 679 million yuan in the first quarter, an increase of $857 million.

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